Welcome to my website.  I love teaching and enjoy every minute of it.  For seven
years I taught in a regular classroom. This is my se
venth year as the Discovery Lab
Director for 4th and 5th grades at Grenada Upper Elementary.  I have over 65
students.  Students come to the Discovery Lab every other week.  During that time
we have FUN learning about Science. The units are based on the state curriculum,
but do not follow a text book. The lab is a time for students to experience hands on
learning and build a love of science.  Activities in the lab compliment what teachers
are teaching in their classrooms. The lab brings Science to life.
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Mrs. Melody Shaw
Discovery Lab Director
Grenada Upper Elementary
Grenada, Mississippi

Investigations Lead
to Amazing Discoveries
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Team Discovery
Investigations Lead to Amazing Discoveries

The students in the Discovery Lab will become scientists in order to discover new
things as well as to understand more about the world in which we live. Students will
become familiar with past discoveries as well as the most current science news while
they participate in the activities for each unit.  The year will begin with a unit called
Amazon Voyage that focuses on Life Science.  The Human Footprint is our second
unit and it will occur during the second nine weeks with a focus on
human impact
and changes on
Earth. During the third nine weeks students will learn about the
Human Body through the unit Heroic Measures.
We will end the year with a unit
Powering Up that will focus on inventions and toys.     

Each unit will require the students to become investigators, problem solvers and
critical thinkers.  We will search for evidence, make predictions for the future and try
to find reasons for past events. There will be a new unit every nine weeks.  Each unit
will have an overall theme with interrelated objectives from Life Science, Earth and
Space Science, and Physical Science from the
Mississippi Science Framework and the
Next Generation Science Standards.
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