Below you will find links to the activities that are covered in
the lab. This allows you to share information with your
family as well as try to soar further with the topics covered
in Discovery Lab.
The first Wednesday of every month is Wild About Science
Wednesday. The students may wear their new gray
t-shirts on the following dates during the 2012-2013 school

September 5
September 12-NASA Day!!!
October 3
October 10-National 4H Science Day!
November 7- 5th grade only
November 9- 4th grade only
December 5
January 9
February 6
March 6
April 3
May 1

To order a shirt print out a form and turn it in to your
homeroom teacher.
Lesson One- Rovers! Celebration of
Curiosity's Landing!!
Video Clip of the landing
Rover Activity Directions
Materials Needed for Rover Activity
Lesson Two- Comets!!
Okay this lesson is just pure fun and we are loving it!!
Edible comets why not!!
The students have asked that I post the ingredients for
their Comets to try at home on family night!!
Comets Recipe
Learn More about Comets with the following websites.
GUES Discovery Lab Students SOAR
through SCIENCE!!
Body Walk!!
The students took part in Body
Walk at GUES during the week
of September 17-21.
We had a blast!!

MSU Website on Body Walk
Mississippi Body Walk Blog
MS Body Walk Facebook Page
September 12, 2012
John C. Stennis Space center visited
GUES on this day to present two programs
to our students on living and working in
Space. The students were able to meet
Orbie and take part in hands on lessons.

NASA- Stennis Website
Follow Stennis on Twitter
Stennis Educator Resource Center
Lesson One: Wonders of the World
During this lesson students looked at
different careers relating to
The students were guided to the
Can I Be page here on this website after
watching the following video clip on
STEM careers.
Did you know: STEM
Lesson Two: GO WILD!
Museum of Natural Science lesson lead
by Jennifer Holcomb. Jennifer shared
information with our students about
native animals of Mississippi. Students
were able to pet either a corn snake or
baby alligator and ask her lots of

Photos from this event
4th grade
5th grade
Lesson Three: I'M HUNGRY!
Students focused on Food webs and
Food Chains during this lesson by
taking part in two interactive activities.
First the students had to work together
to create a food web. Each child was
given a title and using yarn they worked
as a team to try to get as many people
in the web. The students then began
learning about Owls, their feeding
habits, food chain, and anatomy. After
the overview the students then became
owls and learned how difficult it can be
to feed owlets.  
Lesson Four: What's For Supper?
Students continued their study of owls
with the opportunity to dissect owl
pellets. While in the lab the students
also got a chance to see two traveling
trucks for the Mississippi Museum of
Natural Science: Mammal Skull Kit and
The Black Bear Kit. Both kits were great
and the students enjoyed getting to see
them both.

here to see photos of this lesson!
Powering Up!
3rd 9 weeks
Wonders of the World
2nd 9 weeks
Our Ever Changing Earth
1st 9 weeks
Lesson Two: Rubber Band Airplanes

More examples of airplanes that you
can make at home:
Heroic Measures
4th 9 weeks